Welcome to Buzz Books! We publish compelling, entertaining stories in fiction and creative non-fiction. Check out our books page and author page to see who and what we have published and plan to publish. We’re excited about our list and line-up.

Please include in all queries:

  • Your pitch and contact information in the body of your email.
  • A subject line that clearly states the intention of your submission, as detailed in the submission guidelines.
  • Your social media credentials, including your Facebook author page, Goodreads account, Twitter handle and/or blog or website URL. We want to know how social you are on the web (but it’s not a deal breaker if you’re not).
  • Your submission, which varies by the project as listed below, should be included in a double-spaced attachment (either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF). A synopsis should be included in the body of your email.
  • Fill out the submission form below so we have all of your contact information, so we will have TWO emails from you.

Compensation will vary by author and by project and will be outlined in the offer letter. Please note that if we are interested in the writer’s work or love the voice, we will likely work with a writer until we are fully satisfied with the piece before acceptance. This may entail editing—from minor to major—and the editing process will happen both before and after acceptance. We have a minimum of two editors review the project before acceptance and may include our early readers for feedback during the revision process, once the project has been contracted.

A few more tips about our Hive:

  • We want originality. Characters with feeling and emotion that draw us into their story, cause us to become invested in their outcome.
  • Have a political or religious angle? That’s fine but we are not seeking far left- or right-leaning politics or religious-focused fiction.
  • First-timers and seasoned writers are welcome to submit. The only experience you need is what you have.
  • Agents are always welcome! If you have an agent and feel your work might be a fit at Buzz, please ask your agent to put us on the list. Starting 10/12, our new contracts are 50/50 net royalties.
  • Be open to feedback. If we are going to seriously consider your work, we are going to read it and edit it and send it back to you for revisions. You may not agree with our criticism and you are free to dispute something you feel strongly about. But be aware that in the writing and editing process, there is the potential for criticism.
  • If we don’t accept your submission, it could just mean that it’s not right for us. So don’t give up.
  • Please send us material that YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO.
  • NOTE: As of February 1, 2014, we have a new editor to start our honey line, Kathy Wheeler; we are no longer accepting short stories of any kind or paranormal/fantasy stories.
  • Our goal is to grow your brand with you so we’d prefer that you consider writing a long-term endeavor and  multi-book deals.
  • We only publish paperbacks on a case by case basis and then it’s print on demand with authors agreeing to do special events and tours to sell them. Our primary focus is ebooks.

Justification of rejection is not guaranteed and please know a rejection does not mean your project may not be a great fit somewhere else.

Thanks for looking!


Honey, Buzz’ Romance and Women’s Fiction Line-

visit our imprint page for honey here to meet Kathy and Malena and here what we’re looking for.

This line goes to romance acquisitions editor Kathy Wheeler at a different email so please visit the honey page before submitting.

SWARM, Suspense Line (mystery/thriller/horror) - If it makes our heart race with action and suspense, we want to see it. Looking for well-written page turners, past or present, all sub-genres considered, from 20K (novella) to 80K (novel) length fiction. We’re seeking ORIGINAL and different. What spin can you put on the genre? What setting, character and plot makes your story unique?

Minimum: 20,000 words

Maximum: 80,000 words

Submit the query letter, one-page synopsis and a partial of at least three double-spaced pages to buzzbookseditor AT gmail DOT com. IN ONE ATTACHMENT ONLY. In subject heading, put SWARM. Note: Our first Swarm release is DISTORTION by Lucie Smoker, Nov. 2012 and our second release is CHICAGO FELL FIRST, a zombie horror novel by Aaron Smith which was released in 2013.



Contemporary  teen and new adult stories in novella length with a strong protagonist and fresh voice.  20K-70K words.

As of 11/1, we are no longer accepting subs in fantasy or paranormal. We are also not interested in sci-fi. No graphic sex scenes or violence against teens. See our buzzTeen page for our list of authors. State buzzTeen in the header on your submission. If it’s ROMANCE, please sub through our honey page.

Non-fiction and Open

In non-fiction, we want to see your expertise or big idea. If you have a compelling memoir or biography, we’d love to take a peek.

We’re also interested in literary and mainstream fiction that may not fall within the lines of genre or target market above. Key here is a strong voice.

50-85,000 but nothing much longer, please. 

Submit the query letter, one-page synopsis and a partial of at least three double-spaced pages and one page on books two and three to buzzbookseditor AT gmail DOT com. IN ONE ATTACHMENT ONLY. In subject heading, put GENRE or NONFICTION.

NOTE: We are not looking for essays or poetry or science fiction.

We have a multi-book deal with Heather Davis for TMI Mom, a humorous essays series.


Small Business Book for the LITTLE BRAND series

Buzz Books launched a new imprint, Buzz Books Biz, and we’d love to see expertise in all areas of running a small business. The series kicked off with Cyndy Hoenig’s LITTLE BRAND: PR ROCK STAR by former Hollywood publicist Cyndy Hoenig. The next book in 2013 will be THE LITTLE BRAND THAT COULD by  brand strategist and author Malena Lott, about branding your business. Therefore we are NOT seeking a PR or BRANDING book.  A “little brand” is another way of saying small business. Every business has a brand. We are looking for NICHE business books that help a small business find success and persevere. Must be engaging, witty or conversational, informational and highly marketable. If you and your idea has the “wow factor” we want to hear from you!

ebook and print (likely as guidebooks)

20-25,000 words

Submit the query letter, full proposal (link on how to do a killer proposal here) and the first chapter to buzzbookseditor AT gmail DOT com. IN ONE ATTACHMENT ONLY. In subject heading, put BIZ.

Good luck writing, friends! Keep on rat-a-tat-tapping. Please pass this along to your writers groups and writerly pals.  



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