Triple Release Tuesday Plus .99 Deals

3 Dec

What better way to follow Cyber Monday than TRIPLE RELEASE TUESDAY! We wanted to get these books out before the holidays and we’re thrilled to announce these great reads.

1. Heather Davis’ GETTING LUCKYa great gift for wives and mamas

#1 Bestselling motherhood author Heather Davis is back with her second collection of humorous essays.


This time she takes things to the bedroom, the great outdoors, bed and breakfasts and beyond in TMI MOM: GETTING LUCKY (after kids) available now in trade paperback and ebook for Kindle and Nook.

Praise for TMI Mom: Getting Lucky:
“The only thing funnier than a couple of exhausted parents trying to find the time, place and energy to indulge in a little sump’n sump’n, is Heather Davis’s tales of the experience.” — Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, creator of Science Of Parenthood

PLUS: if you email us the receipt of your purchase, we’ll gift you the nook or Kindle ebook for OVERSHARING MY LIFE, her first book, before Christmas. Email your receipt to buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com with the subject GETTING LUCKY.

markserpentcover_border2. Cara Brookin’s MARK OF THE SERPENT Journey 2 in her time travel, action-adventure series for boys, Timeshifters available in trade paperback and Kindle ebook here and nook here.

Time is running out. Teen Jordan Booker makes another journey to a past so ancient it predates our fossil record. Only this time, he accidentally brings a stranger along for the ride. Not only does he have to collect artifacts to save the future Earth and avoid the Time Ranger who wants him dead, he must also watch over the clumsy tag-along who may be an enemy in disguise. Jordan befriends an elf-like family, a tribe of miniature furry humans, and is held captive in a steampunk city while trying to return to his little sister. If he doesn’t make it back to the time capsule, humans will be the next extinct species. More fast-paced, creative sci-fi action from an author who knows how to give readers a thrill ride to the ancient past. This second Timeshifters novel is sure to please sci-fi fantasy readers of all ages.

PLUS: MARK OF THE CENTIPEDE, JOURNEY 1 is just .99 for Kindle and nook. If you’re getting your child an ereader for Christmas, you can pre-load the books on there.

mirrormirrorcover3. Diana Rodriguez Wallach’s MIRROR, MIRROR Trilogy: Reflecting Emmy, Nara Gazing, Shattering GiGi PLUS the bonus prequel, Emmy’s First Glimpse and an author Q&A is the perfect gift for teen girls or anyone who enjoys mythology. The Mirror, Mirror trilogy is the third set of short stories in our Mythology High series which modernizes classic myths with teen heroines. Ebook available for Kindle and nook. 

The short stories were previously released as .99 shorts and this collection brings them all together plus this prequel:


It all started with a party.

Before she became a Revenge Expert, before she started sucking narcissistic teens from the planet, Emmy had to receive her mystical mirror. And with that came a wild bash full of lions, Greek Gods, and a very awkward ceremony.

The next morning Emmy awakes to her first assignment. Only after growing up isolated on a Greek Island schooled only in the legends of Hera and Zeus, Emmy has no idea what to expect when she’s plopped into a posh high school outside of New Orleans. Her great grandmother may have sent her to judge her target’s reflection, but Emmy will soon learn that her fellow classmates also will be judging her.

BONUS: interviews with author Diana Rodriguez Wallach by two award-winning YA authors, Melissa Walker and Stephanie Kuehnert. Learn what inspired the covers in the Mirror, Mirror collection as well as the inspiration behind the stories themselves. Plus a recommended soundtrack to accompany the stories.

WE’RE NOT DONE! Each week we’ll be announcing new .99 specials on our ebooks! 

Fixer Upper by Malena Lott

Fixer Upper by Malena Lott

Today and tomorrow (Dec. 3 and 4), our feature is Fixer Upper, Malena Lott’s top selling ebook about a mom who leaves the posh life for the pastures. .99 on Amazon only. Thanks to E Reader News Today for the feature.

“When a power-hungry politician’s wife leaves her glamorous but shallow marriage, hightails it for her childhood home and trades in her perfectly tailored suits for zebra-print cowboy boots and a pink tool belt, you can bet things get dusty, and dicey. Fixer Upper is a sassy, fun read that proves going home can sometimes be the smartest thing a broken-hearted woman can do.”
-Beth Hoffman, New York Times’ bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt


Our submissions will open back up in January. Because we have multi-book deals with several authors, we will only be acquiring a handful of books in 2014, so know that it means we really, really loved the work. :) In the ebook world, a book is never “old” so we’ll continue to focus on our 37 releases in almost 3 years! A dozen of those are short stories, but we love every story, every length, dearly and they all deserve our attention. 


We’d like to take a moment to recognize our authors on their achievements from the past month:

  • TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life became a #1 bestseller in Motherhood on Amazon.
  • Distortion by Lucie Smoker hit the top 15 in Mysteries and was Buzz’ top-selling novel in November.
  • Aaron Smith’s zombie novel, Chicago Fell First was our top-selling ebook on nook in November.
  • Cara Brookins’ action adventure short story, Treasure Quest, was our most downloaded short story.


If you’d like to feature or review one of our books or interview an author, please give us a shout. Our authors are great to work with.


You can get a Mythology High short story for FREE for your English or reading class. Email us to find out how at buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com with the subject MYTH HIGH.

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  1. Sandy Green December 5, 2013 at 5:16 pm #

    Read an interview with Heather Davis here on my blog The Sandy Side of Life!

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