Something Wicked Parties, TMI Mom Bites the Big Apple

16 Sep

The Hive enjoyed some much needed rain this week, putting our sights on Fall! Our publicist Cyndy Hoenig has been busy scheduling, packing and sending galleys for our fall titles: Something Wicked (young adult anthology, October); Distortion: A Novel and Something New: A Novel in November. We also have THREE upcoming Stingers we’re excited about, including one coming in just a couple of weeks, essays from our funny mom, Heather Davis, called TMI MOM BITES THE BIG APPLE: Oversharing in NYC.

On the Wicked front, we have our paper masks, menu and invites prepped for those of you who would like a FREE book by hosting a Something Wicked party. See the page for details. We’ve also added an excerpt from each of the six stories in the anthology.

“My face grew numb as the temperature dropped below freezing when a brilliant, blinding light appeared in the middle of the road. I suddenly looked as pallid and putrid as the dead child—my skin shifting from smooth and dark to withering and light—but the kid didn’t notice. I offered him my hand, and felt the brush of his unearthly fingers against my palm.” – from “Through a Glass Darkly” by Heather Dearly

The Castle & Quill Novel Prep Academy is shaping up nicely. We’re thrilled with all the lovely authors who are providing their wisdom for our attendees. Tara Hudson, Hereafter, Arise, will be there in person and you’ll get advice from twenty novelists. This is a great way to show that Buzz is about the larger story community, not just our own lil’ golden hive. Pop over to the Event page to register or share the link with the writers in your life. Early bird registration is good through Oct. 1st.

Next week we’ll be announcing a new author as well as the Something Wicked “Trick or Treat” tour of blogs we’ll be visiting all October long with some really cool prizes.


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