Distortion Cover, Deal News, Retreat Wrap-up

26 Jul

In this blow-dryer heat we call summer, we’ve been especially thankful for air-conditioning and writers willing to drive to our first ever writers’ retreat when it was 105 outside! But first, drumroll, please, the cover art for DISTORTION, Lucie’ Smoker’s debut novel and our Swarm imprint launch. We’ll have pre-order available soon!

 About the book:
DISTORTION is noir mystery told from the point of view of the “bombshell” artist who isn’t stupid, evil or blonde. Adele Proust takes the reader down punk backstreets they would never walk alone. To catch a killer, she allows herself to be treated as an object–and reveals how women get dehumanized when they use their sex to get ahead. Along the way, she figures out that it isn’t her intentions that matter, or even herself.  The FBI asks Adele to spy on her friends, for her country.Adele refuses until someone starts killing her friends.  Now she’ll use the the FBI, the clues–and even her friends–to save them.
Buzz Signs Cara Brookins for YA Time Travel Trilogy

Author Cara Brookins

What if you were thrust back in ancient time but it was nothing like the history books describe? This series by Arkansas author Cara Brookins will be published in 2013. Welcome to the Hive, Cara!
Cool Extras:
Next week,we’ll have order information on Peggy Chambers’ THE APOCALYPSE SUCKS, “Bra Wars,” as well as the cover reveal for Jammie Kern’s second MYTHOLOGY HIGH short, “Taylor on Lockdown.”
On Pinterest? Be sure and pin our Pool Boy companion cookbook with 10 great recipes by Buzz authors and friends to your recipe folder.
Excerpt of the Week:

From Jammie Kern’s “Ryann in the Sky,” a MYTHOLOGY HIGH short story

Stalking the weak and overpowering prey is necessary for fortune and fame.

That’s what Dad used to say. If he could see me now, Captain of the Senior girls’ volleyball squad, he’d tell me not to lose sight of the goal. Especially when college recruiters are coming around to check me out. They’re gonna place their offers, and cross their fingers that I’ll sign with their school.

Being the best trumps everything. There’s no room for looking back.

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