22 Jun

Summer Stingers! 

The Hive has been busy prepping our first Stinger releases and we’re ready to buzz. Readers who are willing to help promote our Stinger line will get a chance to get the stories for free. Be one of the first 25 people to share the buzz below and you’ll be registered to win, win, win! Let us know over on our Facebook page or we’ll see your tweet and let you know you’ve won. We love kicking things off with a Cover Reveal!

1. “Ryann in the Sky” by Jammie Kern

Young adult, Stinger

What’s not to love about mythology, with its vengeance, violence, ego-maniacal characters and high-volume conflict? Count us in! We’re kicking off our Mythology High young adult short story series with Jammie Kern’s take on Orion’s tale in, “Ryann in the Sky,” about a very tall basketball player having a very bad year. She’s grieving the loss of her father when a back-stabbing friend tries to dethrone her from the volleyball team heading into the championship. What makes a champion, and, moreover, what makes a friend? Our series of covers for M High will all feature close ups, as these character-driven dramas are all about bringing what’s inside of us to the surface to win or fail. Congrats to Jammie on her upcoming debut.

2. “The Pool Boy” by Malena Lott

Women’s fiction, Stinger

The Pool Boy

Ladies, we’d like you to meet Brock, “Hey, Brock. *fans self*.” He’s a second-year medical student, but the doc-to-be spends his summers as a pool boy, scratch that, “The” Pool Boy, but you’ll only get to hire him with a referral and a hefty weekly fee. He’s come into the Lonely Hearts Book Club at just the right time. CEO Marnie, rich widow Scarlet, divorced stay-at-home mom Lacy and bored preacher’s wife Peggy kicked off their summer reading 50 Shades of Grey and moved on to the hottest summer of their lives with the help of pristine pools and enlightenment by the golden guy, but not in all the ways you might expect. The story is sexy, sure, but it’s not just word (or eye) candy; the story is about empowerment, revenge and going for what you really want. Readers of Malena Lott can expect the same humor, heart, and character-driven narrative she delivers in her longer works. Sign up your book club to read “The Pool Boy” and get swag sent to your house and your members will be registered to win a big poolside prize package and you can Skype with Malena. And don’t forget The Last Resort BIG beach read contest ends June 30th!

New review for The Last Resort: “…this is the perfect beach read.  Whether you’re in your 20′s, 30′s or 40s… I recommend this book.  It’s funny and light-hearted, with a dash of an inspiring message at the end.” – Chick Lit Goddess

3. Peggy Chamber’s The Apocalypse Sucks, “Bra Wars”

Later in the summer we’ll be introducing the first of this new dark dystopian comedy series by debut author Peggy Chambers. If The Odd Couple were female co-workers who survived a virus that killed everyone else in their office building AND your bra was falling apart, what would you do? You’d grab your bow and arrow and head out to the mall to fight off whatever the scary creature is you’ve been seeing flying around the night sky and perhaps pick up a new tube of lipstick, right? It’s cheeky. It’s hopefully never, ever gonna happen to any of us, so why not enjoy the journey? Because I think you’ll agree, the apocalypse really would suck. Cover reveal coming in two weeks!

Buzz liners for our social reader bees for a chance to be get free copies of our Stingers:

I want to read #MYTHOLOGYHIGH “RYANN IN THE SKY,” a #yalit modern myth short. @buzzbooksusa

I wanna dive into #THEPOOLBOY by @malenalott. Register your #bookclub for this hot summer read. @buzzbooksusa

Summer Oasis Writers’ Retreat Update! 

Only a handful of spots left in our July 21st retreat, so be sure and register soon so you can join our Buzz team, authors and WRITE in the beautiful Magnolia Moon gardens.


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