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11 Jun

Smoker Gets Swarmed

When is a “swarm” a good thing? When it’s Buzz’ new suspense line including mystery, thriller and horror books. We’re thrilled to announce our first title, coming out in November 2012, Distortion, by Lucie Smoker. The gritty crime novel is set in Houston, Texas.

Lucie is a wife and mom in Enid, Oklahoma and pitched the manuscript, then titled, “Explode the Back” to Buzz’ senior editor Mari Farthing at the OWFI conference in Oklahoma City.

The new title came fairly easily, executive editor Malena Lott wanting a one-word title that would have meaning both in the art world and mystery/thriller world. A day later they had settled on Distortion. Author Smoker said, “Love “distortion.”  It perfectly describes the art, the crimes and the effect on the community.”

If you’re a mystery blogger, be sure and let publicist Cyndy Hoenig know if you’d like a review copy of the book when it’s ready. Cover reveal coming soon.

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Summer Stingers

Buzz is launching THREE short story ebooks in July, and is celebrating with a blog tour and special giveaways to kick off the line Buzz hopes will become a popular reader destination when they are looking for short reads with great story. The first is Jammie Kerns’ young adult story, “Ryann in the Sky,” a modern take on Orion, about a grieving high school volleyball player and her tumultuous relationship with her best friend on their way to finals. Next up is The Apocalypse Sucks, Entry 1: “Bra Wars,” about a woman so desperate for a good-fitting bra that she’d face the danger lurking outside the safe zone…to the bra section at the mall. It’s dark, dysopian comedy sure to please. And, finally, Malena Lott’s ab-tastic humorous short story, “The Pool Boy,” about what happens to the Lonely Hearts Book Club when the members hire The Pool Boy for the summer. Lott is inviting book clubs to read “The Pool Boy,” have a chance to win a poolside package AND get to Skype in to your club. Register your club today! 

The Pool Boy


Connect. Click. Send. 

So the big “buzz word” in publishing is discoverability. You know, how folks find out about you. While we work hard to build our platform, it’s the word of mouth from readers like you who know us that really help. So we’re inviting you to copy and paste this into your e-mail and tell all your friends about our summer reads and promotions. To make sure you get our weekly news, type your e-mail address into “follow this blog” in the sidebar. And we’re always hangin’ like rock stars on the Twi-way and Face frontier. New FB page for The Last Resort is now up with new fun daily posts and pics and the BIG beach read giveaway this month! Holler and follow. We like you, too.

Seeking Something Wicked Submissions

Our next YA anthology, Something Wicked, is set to frighten readers this side of Halloween, so if you know a paranormal or horror writer with a creepy YA short story in their files, send ’em our way! We’re adding to our Prom author list …if we find a new voice we love.


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