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3 Jun

Being a freckled, fair-skinned gal from the hottest state on record last summer (Oklahoma), I may not be looking forward to the heat, but summer is synonymous with reading, no matter where you get lost in the story.

At Buzz Books, we’re spending the summer prepping our fall titles like our amazing Little Brand business series, Gotta Run, a memoir by marathoner Dana Campbell, the kick off of our Mythology High series with Jammie Kern, the launch of The Apocalypse Sucks series with Peggy Chambers, the Goddess Sisters Young Adult series with book one, Going Greek by Lena Brown (my YA pen name); another paranormal anthology for Halloween called Something Wicked; and my next full-length novel, Something New, which features one of the characters, Kelly, from my new summer novella, The Last Resort.

Whew. Who needs a margarita?

We have plenty of great reads available now and we’re thrilled that more readers are discovering Buzz Books. If you’re reading The Last Resort, be sure and enter our BIG beach reads contest, which now also includes weekly prizes since I found such cute be achy things at Target. I couldn’t resist. Check out the details on the contest page for the big prize package and look into all the fab authors who are donating books!

June 8 Prize

Remember we’re chatting each week about the big stories in TV, movies and books each Sunday on Twitter at #buzzchat from 8-9 p.m. CST. Tonight we’re giving away an e-book copy of The Last Resort. If you’re planning your JULY book club, please consider The Pool Boy, about four women in a book club in Grapevine, Texas who curb their loneliness with the company of “the Pool Boy,” a heartthrob medical student who does more than clean pools for the summer. If your book club picks The Pool Boy, the organizer will be sent a free copy of the book and your book club will be entered to win a nice poolside package. You can also Skype with me. To register, fill out the form on the Pool Boy page.

Here’s a sneak peek at the hot cover. Because, you know, it’s summer, right?

Senior editor Mari Farthing and authors Kelly Parra and Heather Dearly join me on the Hive podcast this week discussing Stork, Prom, The Last Resort and more. Listen in here.

More big buzz coming each week, so stay tuned and happy reading!

Lit love,



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