Bra Wars, Mythology High and Honey

27 Apr


What if you needed to go bra shopping in a dangerous, dystopian future? Would you risk life and limb to support your “girls”? You’ll find out in Peggy Chamber’s dystopian dark comedy series in our Buzz Books Stingers line. The first in the series is tentatively titled, “Bra Wars.” Stingers are 5-10,000 words  – short on length, big on impact. I love the relationships between the characters and Peggy’s snappy dialogue and Mari (our senior editor) and I were foaming at the mouth to find out more. (Why foaming? Were we zombies? And are their any hotties left? Must. Know.) Keep your ears to the hive for more details. Congratulations on your contract, and welcome to the hive, Peggy! She hails from Enid, Oklahoma, where, we assure you, the wind really does come sweeping down the plains. Peggy will be at the OWFI conference May 4th, so give her a shout and an atta-babe.

I’ll admit I’m a little mad for mythology and I’m THRILLED that we found a writer who is taking our Mythology High young adult series by storm with three modern-day retellings of popular myths. Jammie Kern from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, will also be published in our Stingers imprint. Jammie (pronounced Jay-me) even has a writer Facebook page so pop on over and like her because I know you’re going to like her stories.

Mari will be taking pitches at OWFI next weekend so we hope you’ll look her up and consider sharing your story with her. For more on our submissions, including our new romance line, Honey, click over to submissions.

Next week is launch week for our young adult anthology Prom Dates to Die For. Our cover model Morgan Gover will be returning to the metro on the 3rd to co-host ALL ABOUT YOU on KSBI and other media appearances will be announced shortly. The book will be available at local indies Full Circle and Best of Books. We’re getting great feedback on the book so please help spread the buzz! What authors and early readers are saying:

Early praise for #PromDates2D4

“Prom Dates to Die For is like eating pistachios. One story isn’t enough.
Dark humor and compelling story lines make this a delicious read.”
~Jordan Dane – Award-winning, Critically Acclaimed Author of THE HUNTED YA
series with Harlequin Teen

“Prom Dates to Die For is a deliciously dark collection of prom-gone-wrong stories guaranteed to keep you curled up on the couch until you reach the end.”Amanda Ashby ~ 

author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High and Fairy Bad Day
“Prom as you’ve never imagined it, with five talented authors unleashing their paranormal best in this memorable, page-turning anthology. Appearances by a dark angel, a ghost, a soul stealer, a demon hunter and a time portal help make Prom Dates to Die For a guaranteed pleaser for young adults and adult readers alike!” ~ Tina Ferraro, author of  Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.
 ”Each story features a different kind of paranormal, but all the stories complement each other very well. I gave this book four stars!” – Sandra, Panda Reads
Where to Buy:
Available now: Trade paperback at the Buzz Books store and and select retailers.
After May 1st: The ebook editions will be available at the Kindle store, B&N, iBook store and Smashwords.

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