Prom Cover Flat + New Romance Imprint

13 Apr

Friday the 13th is the perfect day to share over cover art! We’re thrilled to unveil our cover flat (which is the paperback cover) on PROM DATES TO DIE FOR, our paranormal prom anthology. After going through the dozens of amazing photos of our cover model Morgan, taken by Leigh Thompson, it was this striking pose that made the final selection. Yes, we had a fan blowing her tresses, which gives it the “windy night” look and she looks like she’s about to kick some major evil butt. We considered dozens of backgrounds, too, but ultimately felt this full moon gave it the dark and mysterious tone we were after without having to actually add a ghoul to the cover. Besides, we didn’t want to take away from that fab peacock dress – very animalistic and gorgeous.

The title font is called “luncheonette” but to me it plays dark very well. My 12 year old daughter said the font reminded her of fangs without having to literally find a fang font, which might’ve been over the top. (Not that I’m against over the top when it’s needed.) :)

The cover and back blurb was provided by author Tina Ferraro. We’re so thrilled she liked our stories! So, what can you do to get your hands on an early copy? Simply like our Facebook page and for an extra entry, tweet, “I can’t wait to read #PromDates2D4 on 5/1. #YALit @BuzzBooksUSA” (That’s so we can see your tweet and count it.)

And equally exciting news – we’re adding a new romance imprint and will start reviewing submissions, so romance writers, send us your best stuff! We’ll update the subs page next week, but we’re looking for everything from novellas to full length manuscripts (so 20K to about 80K) in all romance genres except erotica. Our imprint: Buzz Books Honey. LOVE! Thanks to our superb senior editor Mari Farthing for naming it. We’ll unveil the new logo next week as well as the logo for Buzz Books Stingers for shorter works. Contracts are being written on TWO different Stingers series so we can’t wait to share that with you soon.

lit love,

Malena Lott

author/executive editor


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