Calling All Writers

2 Dec

*ring, ring*


Hi, are you a writer?

*rubs eyes* Yeah. I mean, I don’t tell everyone that. My family thinks I was doing online shopping all November. Really I was doing #nanowrimo.

We understand. It’s okay. You can come out of the closet. Er, wherever you were doing your “online shopping.”

Are you sure it’s safe?

*looks right, looks left* The coast is clear. We at Buzz Books USA wanted you to know we’re looking for a few great writers – about two dozen or so – to publish in the new year. As in 2012. Not three years from now. Next year. So if you’re into short stories, young adult, romance, a business expert, or are a husband who has something to say about modern husbandry, we want to hear from you. 

Wow. That’s weird. I am in fact a husband who writes young adult paranormal AND I have a kick-a** romance novella in the dark recesses of my Mac. Not to boast or anything, but my Muse tells me I could be the next Nora Roberts/Meg Cabot/Amanda Hocking.

Of course she does. That’s what muses are for. I’m going to hang up now. I have a few thousand more calls to make, but I wanted to personally let you know that Buzz Books is all about celebrating stories, so whether you’re a new author or just one that wants to expand your writing portolio, we’d love to have you visit our hive. Fresh honey!

I like honey. My mom used to mix it with peanut butter to cheer me up.

She still does.

You do know a lot about writers, don’t you? I’ll go visit right now. And, thanks. This might just be the little push I needed.


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