Writer Wellness with Author Sandy Green

19 Feb

guest post by buzzTeen author Sandy Green

Sandy Green

Author Sandy Green


One lovely day in May 2012, I was lugging groceries from the car to the house, including a twenty-five pound (five pounds free!) box of kitty litter. The plastic handle dug into my palm as I switched hands, and a thought flitted through my mind. “If I lost twenty-five pounds, I’d be this much lighter!”

It had been my habit to walk for thirty minutes in the neighborhood five or six times a week for years. On my next walk a couple of days after the cat litter revelation, my college track and field daughter, home from college for the summer, urged me to add jogging, “Just to the next mailbox.” No. I couldn’t do that. No way! So I tried it and didn’t collapse at the bottom of someone’s driveway.

That was how I started my new exercise routine. I ran/walked for twenty minutes every day and counted calories. My goal was 1200 – 1500 calories a day and to run more than walk.

Hey, it worked! I’d lost about twenty pounds and kept it off as I turned into a fanatic by running in the rain, sleet, and snow. I scoffed at plummeting or skyrocketing temperatures. I bought lots of black stretchy running pants.

In November 2012, I experienced an Achilles tendon injury. Who knew you were supposed to take a day off? I used our stationary bike in the meantime and resumed run/walking alternating with indoor biking.

Last summer, I ran along the boardwalk in beautiful Cape May, New Jersey. What scenery! But my hip felt like it was grinding into its joint. Ow. Since then, I’ve been using the stationary bike five times a week, along with lifting weights, doing abdominal work, and stretching. For the other three days, I do yoga at a local community rec center or teach liturgical dance at my church. I also take a day off!

1535465_684079464948421_335050293_nMy husband gave me an iPod Nano for my birthday, which has radio capabilities. I’m gearing up to resume my run/walk routine in the spring. I’m not as strict with calorie counting, but I enjoy seeing how many different vegetables I can stuff into homemade soups and salads.

I’m pushing sixty and feel great! I’d like to chisel away a few more pounds, and I know I can do it with the help of a pencil and pad to keep track of calories. Remember, calories are like money. If you had a set amount of money to spend daily, how wisely would you spend it?


Sandy Green is the author of the new buzzTeen YA fantasy novella, KISS AND TELL. Get it here:

Early praise for Kiss and Tell:
“Plunge into the spellbinding tale of Jenna as she discovers she was never who she thought she was. Unearthing the truth leads her into the bewitching realm of a past never found in history books! Sandy Green’s Kiss and Tell enthralls you from the very first page.” – D. S. Milan, author of A Year of Starless Nights 

“Sandy Green has woven a brilliant tapestry of mythology and contemporary YA in her novella, Kiss and Tell. The essence of the story is cleverly disguised in the title, so subtle, and yet revealing.” – Gayle C. Krause, author of the SCBWI Golden Kite Nominee, Ratgirl: Song of the Viper



Happy 3rd Birthday to Buzz and Pub Day to Kiss and Tell

14 Feb
Photo credit: booktini.blogspot.com

Photo credit: booktini.blogspot.com

We’re blowing out our honey lemon cupcakes with three candles today. Each year we love that we get to celebrate our birthday and Valentine’s Day on the same day. Love our authors. Love reading. Love our team at the Hive. So thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our honey pot.

To celebrate we have two #FreeBees to give you!

mythreflectemmycoverOne is a Mythology High short story REFLECTING EMMY that kicks off Diana Wallach’s Mirror/Mirror trilogy so try it and if you like it buy the compilation ebook! Whether you love or hate #selfies, this myth based on Narcissus is a sweet Valentine treat. It’s free today only so grab it now. 

Second, we have the first Timeshifters book MARK OF THE CENTIPEDE by Cara Brookins free all weekend. The YA time travel action adventure book is perfect for boys and girls ages tween and up so check out some fun sci-fi with an ancient past unlike anything in the history books. Get it here. markcentipedekcoverborder

Next up we have a special Valentine launch for KISS AND TELL by Sandy Green, a young adult novella told in alternative points of view between an ancient “mean girl” water spirit and the modern teen she’s sent to help through magic…lip gloss. That’s right, Jenna’s lip gloss tells the truth. Can she handle it? Get it for just $2.99 over on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



We’re finally launching our honey romance ebook imprint. We’ve got an acquisitions editor and a great process to deliver quality romance to readers – and every author signed to honey will get a minimum two-book deal, so stay tuned for the video and submissions information on our honey page! buzz_honeyogo


7 Feb

Jenny Peterson’s second DESCENDANTS novella, EAT YOUR HEART OUT, will publish in ebook format for Kindle and nook on Tuesday, March 18th – just in time for Spring Break! If you like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, you’ll love the half-demons and Descendants in her series. 

We’re pleased to announce the cover reveal for Jenny’s second new adult fantasy. Her first book, CREATURE DISCOMFORTS, will be .99 all week next week to celebrate Buzz’ third anniversary! If you’re a book reviewer, fill out the form below to request an e-ARC.





















Buzz Welcomes author Lee Ann Ward

28 Jan

The Hive is pleased to welcome a new author to our buzzTeen line. Buzz signed Lee Ann Ward to a three-book

author Lee Ann Ward

author Lee Ann Ward

young adult mystery series with the first book tentatively titled COFFIN GIRL. Set in New Orleans with a  smart protagonist, the series will surround a mystery better solved by an investigative journalist – a teen with a popular blog, combined with romance and action. Ward’s first book will be published this fall with the remaining two following in 2015. If you like the vibe in AMERICAN HORROR STORY  you’ll dig this series. Get to know Lee Ann on her website. 

Name It! Buzz has finally settled on a series name for Joyce Scarbrough’s young adult series about teens sent back to earth in their afterlife after their untimely deaths. The series will be called Unfinished and the titles will be AFTER ME, AFTER YOU and AFTER US. The first two will be released in 2014 and the third will be released in 2015.

Cover It! Tweet It! Jenny Peterson and Malena Lott have been busy working on the cover for Jenny’s second Descendant’s title, EAT YOUR HEART OUT, from our buzzTeen line. Check back in a couple of weeks for her cover reveal! PLUS…Heather Davis’ third TMI MOM book, CRAZY ON BOARD comes out later this spring and we’re doing the cover reveal during our Valentine’s Twitter party on Tuesday, February 11 from 9-10 p.m. CST. Use the hashtag #GettingLucky. There will be free books up for grabs! #freeBee We’re just two weeks away from the launch of Sandy Green’s buzzTeen YA KISS AND TELL. If you’re a blogger or reviewer, rattle our hive for an early reader copy! 1535465_684079464948421_335050293_n

CHLOE IN BLOOM Launch Day and KISS AND TELL Cover Reveal

31 Dec

What better way to end the year than with a final day of special .99 ebooks (see last post), a launch and a cover reveal? It’s the past, present and future all rolled up into one beautiful end to 2013. Thanks so much for supporting our Buzz Books authors this year! A champagne toast to you, readers! Mwah!

CHLOE IN BLOOM by Jammie Kern

np_cover_imageIn Jammie Kern’s third Mythology High short story, she takes on the myth of Apollo, Diana, Eros and Daphne. Daphne doesn’t feel love the way her father thinks she should and wants to escape Apollo’s grasp. In this modern retelling, Chloe steps into the role of Daphne who cares much more about her high school track career and getting to graduation than prom and getting a boyfriend like her father wants her to. He thinks she’s missing out on a “typical” high school life, but she has a secret she’s afraid he won’t understand. Is keeping the secret worse than taking the risk and sharing it with those she loves?
A poignant and important story about sexuality, acceptance, and being brave enough to be who we really are.

Get the short story for just .99 at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Sandy Green’s buzzTeen novella, KISS AND TELL, gives readers alternating points of view between a teen girl who receives magic lip gloss and tells the truth whenever she uses it in the present tense, and the ancient past of the water spirit who is paying penance by telling the truth through the magical lip gloss. What did Amelie do to get such a destiny? And can she help change lives for the better in present day after what she’s done? Find out in February!

The cover depicts the magic – and mischief – of the water spirit.


If you’d like to be an early reader and reviewer of the story, message buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com with the title KISS AND TELL and in the email give us your blog address if you have a  blog and where you’d leave a review (Amazon, B&N, Goodreads). Thanks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Please share the love by sharing this post below.

Ereader Stocking Stuffers for a Buck

24 Dec

1476501_564600966952118_1027477552_nHappy holidays from the Hive at Buzz Books! Living through our books, we’ve had quite a year – being chased by the Empty Ones in Aaron Smith’s zombie horror novel, CHICAGO FELL FIRST, pole dancing and romance in Heather Davis’ TMI MOM: GETTING LUCKY and obliterating mean girls in Diana Rodriguez Wallach’s MIRROR, MIRROR trilogy among many others.

As a thank you for your patronage this year we wanted to offer up some reads for the rest of 2013 for just .99. We know you’ve already spent bank on holiday gifts so we hope this fits in the budget. And for those of you who scored some Amazon or B&N gift cards we’ll make that credit last longer.

Distortion by Lucie Smoker (mystery/crime)

Creature Discomforts by Jenny Peterson (YA paranormal/fantasy)

Supernatural Hunters by Kelly Parra (YA paranormal/fantasy)

Twin Falls by Lena Brown (YA paranormal/fantasy)

Mirror Mirror by Diana Rodriguez Wallach (YA mythology)

Mythology High Myth Girls by Magda Knight (YA mythology)

Next Left by Dani Stone (romance)

Sterling & Sloane by Malena Lott (romance)

Mark of the Centipede by Cara Brookins (action/adventure, YA boys)

PLUS, Heather Davi’s humorous travelogue, TMI MOM BITES THE BIG APPLE, is free until Dec. 27th so grab our FreeBee now on Amazon.

We’ll be back next week with an exclusive peek at CHLOE IN BLOOM by Jammie Kern for her launch day!

New Holiday Romance Plus Timeshifters Trailer

10 Dec

Holiday Romance in Manhattan, STERLING & SLOANE by Malena Lott, just .99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

sterlingsloankindlecoverSloane Cruisie was the go-to marriage counselor for the rich and famous in New York City — until her action star husband Ben Cruisie shocked her with divorce papers and began dating his co-star. Once a bestselling advice author on marriage, Sloane suddenly loses her book deal, her cushy job and goes home to their posh Neo-gothic penthouse in Manhattan to find her priceless antiques are being moved out – so Ben can share the holidays with his new love. Homeless for the holidays, she and her white bulldog Snowball have nowhere to turn until…

Sterling Reynolds is the go-to divorce attorney for the rich and famous in NYC. One of the most eligible bachelors in New York, he’s all too happy to help clients who failed to make their marriage work. Never being married himself, he’s the ultimate playboy. When he discovers his neighbor upstairs, Sloane Cruisie, has been kicked out of her penthouse, he offers his apartment so she can avoid the paparazzi, even though he knows Sloane can’t stand him or what he does for a living.

With nowhere else to turn, Sloane says “yes” to his proposal and stays in his apartment, which turns out to be full of antiques even more gorgeous than her own. To her surprise, he even has a bulldog. Who knew ruthless divorce attorneys liked dogs or antiques? Depressed but ready to make the most of the horrible holiday, she decides to make Sterling her rebound to take her mind off Ben and the bimbo upstairs.

Yet Sterling isn’t interested in being anyone’s in-between lover, unless it’s his idea.

For someone who has devoted her life to saving marriages, Sloane isn’t sure she even believes in love anymore, let alone any “magic” of the holidays – but one little person elf named Quentin seems determined to show them the true meaning of love and second chances.

From the author of popular women’s fiction Life’s a Beach, Dating da Vinci and Fixer Upper comes this tale of romance and starting over in the city that never sleeps. Readers are calling Sterling & Sloane, “laugh out loud funny,” “romantic” and “a holiday-movie-in-the-making.”

Praise for Malena Lott’s books:
“An extremely well written story that captivated me from the very beginning. ” — Book Binge

“Delightful … compelling, heartfelt novel.” – Curled Up with a Good Book

“She delivers a novel of remarkable wit and insight. This book is a treasure.”—Ellen Meister, author of The Other Life

“A romance-laced, emotional roller-coaster ride….” — Library Journal

“Delightfully affirming romance.” —Booklist

Get it for just .99 at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Book Trailer for Timeshifters Series by Cara Brookins

Holidays in the Hive

Each week, we’ll share special holiday traditions and fun stories from our authors.

TMI Mom Heather Davis shares: Brian and I were engaged at a local park on Thanksgiving weekend with the Christmas lights up and glowing. We drive through (several times) each year. The Daughters make us kiss under the light tunnel where he actually popped the question.

DickensVillageDiana Rodriguez Wallach, author of Mirror, Mirror: Philadelphia has a number of shows and traditions during the holidays. And since I was a little kid, my favorite has always been the Dickens Village display and the Wanamaker Light Show–both now housed in the Macy’s department store in Center City. (It should be noted that this Macy’s was also the setting for the ’80s movie Mannequin. It’s huge. You can literally hang glide in it.) The light show originated fifty years ago and is set to popular Christmas songs played on the largest operational pipe organ in the world (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wanamaker_Organ). It tells the stories of Frosty, Rudolph, and the Sugarplum Fairies, all narrated by Julie Andrews. But it is make-shift English village, equipped with cobblestone streets and robots depicting Dickens’ famous novel A Christmas Carol, that has always been my favorite (http://www.visitphilly.com/events/philadelphia/holiday-light-show-at-macys-center-city/). My husband and I now take our daughter Juliet, and I hope it will always be a family tradition.


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